Choose the Right Sleeping Bag for Camping

Be frugal and stay comfortable

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Decide How You Will Use Your Sleeping Bag

Before purchasing a sleeping bag it’s important to consider which activities and conditions you’ll be using your sleeping bag in.

Determine the Temperature Rating You Need

Getting the right temperature rating for the locations and seasons you camp is going to be the most important part of choosing a sleeping bag. Getting a bag that isn’t warm enough could lead to some really uncomfortable, and potentially dangerous, nights. A bag that’s too warm will also be uncomfortable.

Decide on a Fill Material

Once you’ve decided on the temperature rating you need it’s time to decide what type of fill material will work best for you. Sleeping bags are made with two primary options for fill material: synthetic fill and down fill.

Synthetic Fill

Synthetic fill is man-made insulation. There are many different types of synthetic fill. Each company makes its own variation. In the end, they all end up being pretty similar.

Down Fill

Down fill has been around for a long time, and it is very effective. It is made from the soft, warm under-feathers of birds. Primarily geese.

Find a Bag That Fits Your Budget

Once you’ve worked through the process above there will probably be a number of sleeping bags that will fit your needs. That’s great, now you can choose one that works with your budget.


I love sleeping outside. There’s something special about feeling the cool evening breeze on your face as you sleep, and opening your eyes to see the stars through a clear sky. Some summer nights when I was in college I’d go up a nearby canyon just to spend the night away from the muggy city air.

Husband, father, outdoorsman, scientist.

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