Use NumPy’s built-in functions to make sorting simple

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Art and data all-in-one

All images by the author

This could be the most-used remote sensing index

NDVI calculated from a Landsat 8 image. All photos by Author.

Whether photography, topography, or something else it can probably be analyzed with a sliding window

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Scale-up your geoprocessing workflows with Python

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How to summarize raster data for polygon zones

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  1. Rasterize polygon features
  2. Mask input data to polygon extent
  3. Calculate zonal statistics for the polygon extent

1. Load raster data and vector polygons

Start by importing the necessary Python modules.

All you need to be successful is time

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A powerful data format once you break the learning curve

Create a NetCDF Dataset

Import the netCDF4 and numpy modules. Then define a file name with the .nc or .nc4

Access a slightly confusing, yet powerful, data format

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NetCDF files can be read with a few different Python…

You don’t always need training data . . .

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